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[S0051C] Taekwondo 跆拳道 (Beginners 初學者)

Taekwondo 跆拳道 (Beginners 初學者)



Target Group 對象: Beginners 初學者 

(For Aged 4 or above 適合4歲或以上) 

Time 時間: Saturday 星期六, 12:30 - 13:30


Dates and Fees:

Term 1 學期: 9/9 – 9/12/2023 (12 lessons 堂, HK$3,360) $3,498 (+4.1 admin fee) 

Term 2 學期: 13/1 – 23/3/2024 (9 lessons 堂, HK$2,520) $2,623 (+4.1 admin fee)

Term 3 學期: 13/4 – 15/6/2024 (9 lessons 堂, HK$2,520) $2,623 (+4.1 admin fee)

*Please note a 4.1% administrative fee is included in the course fee. Should you withdraw from the programmes for any reason, the administrative fee will NOT be refunded.


*Additional payment for uniform required after first day


*All levels must be assessed except for Beginner

除報讀初學者外, 報讀其餘級別須考核。


Medium of Instruction 授課語言:English 英語



[S0051C] Taekwondo 跆拳道 (Beginners 初學者)

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