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Kowloon Tong
Performing Arts

Please note a 4.1% administrative fee will be included additionally in the course fee. Should you withdraw from the programmes for any reason, the administrative fee will NOT be refunded.

Students can join our programme after term commenced. For any enrolment after 5:00pm Wednesday, students will start the lesson from the next Saturday.

The extra tuition fee that incurred will remain in your enrolment account. 

請注意,支付平台的 4.1%行政費用將另外計入費用中。不論任何原因的退款,行政費將不予退還。​

學生可以在課程開始後加入。 凡星期三下午5:00之後的報名,學生將從下一個星期六開始上課。 


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