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Music Programmes

Kowloon Tong


Whiz Playgroup (Parent-child)  親子音樂遊戲小組


Join us for a delightful learning experience! 加入我們的親子音樂遊戲小組,一起享受愉快的學習體驗吧!

  • Develop fine motor skills through educational activities and sensory materials 透過教育活動和感官材料發展精細動作技能

  • Showcase music and movements to strengthen physical development 展示音樂和動作,以強化身體發展

  • Instil the love of learning and going to school 灌輸對學習和上學的熱愛

  •  Foster creativity through participation in STEM activities 透過參與STEM活動培養創造力

*Children participating in the course must be accompanied by an adult 參加課程的兒童須由一名成人陪同


Target Group 對象: Aged 12-30 months月

Group size 人數: 3-8 parent-child pairs 親子組

Time 時間: Saturday 星期六,  10:00-11:15

Term 1 學期: 9/9 – 9/12/2023 (12 lessons 堂, HK$4,680) 

Term 2 學期: 13/1 – 23/3/2024 (9 lessons 堂, HK$3,510) 

Term 3 學期: 13/4 – 15/6/2024 (9 lessons 堂, HK$3,510)


Instructor 導師: Judy Mizoguchi, Whiz Kids

Medium of Instruction 授課語言:English 英語

London College of Music Early Learning Examination Programme


London Music College offers music examinations for children aged 3-6, available as both group and individual assessments. All candidates will receive a report and certificate, with awards given as Pass, Merit, or Distinction. Every child who completes the assessment will be awarded at least a Pass. The examinations are conducted in English.


Group Exam: Children will present a music story that involves singing, role play, reflections, and music theory questions.


Individual Exam: Children will showcase their skills by singing a song and playing a song on the rainbow bell from memory. They will also provide comments on the songs they heard, share reflections, and answer music theory questions.


英國倫敦音樂學院(LCM)為 3-6 歲的兒童提供音樂考試,分為團體和個人評估。 所有學生都將收到一份報告和證書,並獲得合格、優異或優等的獎勵。 考試以英語進行。






* Students need to attend at least 14 lessons to take the examination

  學生需參與 14堂或以上才能參加考試



Group A 組 (M1001A)

Target Group 對象: Aged 3  - 4.5 歲 

Time 時間: Saturday 星期六 14:00 - 15:00

Exam Format 考試形式: Group Exam 小組考試


Group B 組  (M1002A)

Target Group 對象: Aged 4.5 - 6 歲 Individual Exam

Time 時間: Saturday 星期六, 15:00 - 16:00

Exam Format 考試形式: Individual Exam 個人考試

​​​​​​​*This Programme starts from Term 2 ​​​​​​​本課程從第二學期開始

Term 2 學期: 13/1 – 23/3/2024 (9 lessons堂, HK$3,600) 

Term 3 學期: 13/4 – 15/6/2024 (9 lessons堂, HK$3,600)


Instructor 導師: Jill Tse 

Medium of Instruction 授課語言:English 英語

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