The mission of Yew Chung Arts and Language Centre (YALC) is to provide an environment where students, children especially, can enjoy learning, develop their creativity and sense of commitment and communicate effectively through the use of the eight Multiple Intelligences.


We believe every student is smart in their own ways.

At YALC we aim to create "an education that takes individual differences seriously and, insofar as possible, crafts practices that serve different kinds of minds equally well."*


YALC programmes that follow are categorised into communication through languages, through the arts, and through interpersonal activities.


Browse through, enrol and enjoy your learning at YALC.


*"Individually Configured Education: The Key Educational Imperative of Multiple Intelligences" by Howard Gardner, 2000

Class Venue: 3 To Fuk Road, Kowloon Tong
Enquiry: 2337 0369 / Fax: 2337 0815


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