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[S0011-A] Fencing 劍擊 (Aged 7-11)

About this Course 課程簡介:
Suitable for beginners, to engage and experience the fun of an Olympic sport - Fencing! Students will be taught basic fencing rules and skills. Students will gain confidence for actual combat. 


Why Fencing 孩子學劍擊有什麼益處? 

There are many benefits to kids' fencing. Children learn good sportsmanship and self-discipline through our comprehensive Mini-Fencing programme. They can improve their stamina, concentration, and motor coordination. They also develop the ability to make complex decisions, analyse problems, and think and act quickly. These qualities will eventually help children reach their potential in various areas beyond fencing.


Coaches and Safety 教練資歷及安全標準:

All coaches are Hong Kong Fencing Association (HKFA) certified. In addition to being former elite fencing athletes of the Hong Kong Team, they all possess abundant experience in coaching for many years. All equipment used in the courses is up-to-date and compliant with HKFA CE (EN13567:2002) or equivalent standard. 



Time 時間: Saturday 星期六, 9:15 - 10:30 (S0011-A)


Dates and Fees 日期及費用:

Term 3 學期: 13/4 – 15/6/2024 (9 lessons 堂, Discounted Price 優惠價 HK$5,625) [Original Price 原價HK$6,750]

*Please note a 4.1% administrative fee will be included additionally in the course fee. Should you withdraw from the programmes for any reason, the administrative fee will NOT be refunded.請注意,網上支付平台的 4.1%行政費用將會另外計入費用中。不論任何原因的退款,行政費將不予退還。


Remarks 備註:

The cost of the beginner's fencing sword is already included. For other equipment (e.g. fencing mask, uniform, gloves, and so on), parents will be informed after the student's successful registration to make arrangements for purchase.



Class Venue上課地點: GYM 室內運動場

Co-organized with 合辦機構: ASG


Medium of Instruction 授課語言:English 英語

[S0011-A] Fencing 劍擊 (Aged 7-11)

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