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[A0305-A] 3D Modelling and Animation with Blender Blender三維建模與動畫課程 (Aged 11-16)

About this Course 課程簡介:

Introduction of the fundamentals of 3D modelling, animation, and rendering using Blender. Stud[ents will learn how to create their own 3D models, animations, and renderings through hands-on projects and exercises. Student can choose to have their model 3D printed at the end of the course.


使用Blender進行三維建模、動畫製作和渲染的基礎知識。學生們將通過動手項目和練習學習如何創建自己的三維模型、動畫和渲染效果。課程結束時學生可以選擇進行 3D 列印將他們的模型製作成實體。


Why should children learn 3D Modelling and Animation Design?


  • Stimulates creativity and imagination 激發創造力和想像力
  • Develops creative thinking and design skills 發展創意思維和設計能力
  • Proficiency in 3D modelling tools and techniques 熟練掌握3D建模工具和技巧
  • Enhances problem-solving abilities 增強解難能力
  • Prepares for careers in industries like film, advertising, architecture, and game development. 為加入電影、廣告、建築和遊戲開發等行業的職業發展做好準備


Students need to bring their own Laptop computer


  • with Web Browsers of 需有瀏覽器:Chrome (at least version 66 版本以上) / Firefox (at least version 59) / Safari (at least version 11 版本以上)
  • iPad / Chromebook are not applicable 平板電腦不適用


Time 時間: Saturday 星期六, 13:00 - 16:00 (A0305-A)


Dates and Fees 日期及費用:

Term 3 學期: 13/4 – 15/6/2024 (9 lessons 堂, HK$6,750) 

*Please note a 4.1% administrative fee will be included additionally in the course fee. Should you withdraw from the programmes for any reason, the administrative fee will NOT be refunded.

請注意,網上支付平台的 4.1%行政費用將會另外計入費用中。不論任何原因的退款,行政費將不予退還。


Class Venue上課地點: Classroom 教室


Medium of Instruction 授課語言:English 英語

[A0305-A] 3D Modelling and Animation with Blender Blender三維建模與動畫課程 (Aged 11-16)

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